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Material Lab

Material Lab Coworking

                   Nera Project Launches Material Lab


Nera Project, renowned for its high-quality European furniture sourcing and distribution, has unveiled Material Lab, a new coworking space in Yerevan tailored for designers and creative professionals.

This innovative space offers a unique blend of inspiration, collaboration, and high-quality resources. Material Lab provides an array of materials sourced from Nera Project's European suppliers, allowing designers to experiment with different textures and styles.

The coworking environment is meticulously designed with ergonomic furniture, warm lighting, and curated decor to foster creativity and comfort.

In addition to a vibrant working atmosphere, Material Lab encourages collaboration through its open-plan layout and communal areas. Regular workshops and networking events further enhance the sense of community.

Moreover, we offer our coworking members access to our commercial project clients database, providing valuable networking opportunities and potential collaborations.

The new coworking space is not just an office; it is a creative hub where ideas can flourish and groundbreaking designs can take shape.

Join Nera Project's Material Lab to experience a space where inspiration and functionality converge, setting a new standard for coworking in Yerevan.

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